Meath Record Holders

This list was generated over the course of December 2017 - February 2018 it was ratified by the Meath County Board in the February 2018 Meeting
There are a number of Rules that accompany this list.
  1. The list is made up of primarily major championship events.
  2. The athlete must have been a registered member of a Meath athletic club at the time of the mark.
  3. The athlete must hold an Irish passport at the time of the mark as per Athletic Ireland rules.
  4. Any athlete who fails, refuses or misses a drug test will be removed or omitted from the list.
  5. Any application for a new record must be accompanied by documented proof.
In the event that a new record is achieved, both the new record holder and the previous record holder will be honoured at the following annual Meath Awards Ceremony.
Ladies All time Meath Records
Men's All Time Meath Records


Meath Cross Country Championship History

This is the list of Cross Cross Country Results from the year 2000 to date. The list includes the first 3 finishers and the first 3 teams.

Cross Country Results


Meath 10 Mile Road Championship History

This is the list of Meath 10 Mile Road championships from 2015

10 Mile Road Championship Results


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