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17.05.2017 6:45 pm - 9:00 pm
Meath Athletics


Venue: Claremont Stadium NavanImage result for relay baton


Meath Athletics Relay Championships
Claremont Stadium, Navan
Wednesday 17th May
A check-in area will be in operation. All Under 9 relay teams must be at check-in by 6.35pm. 
Other ages to follow in relevant order.
Relay teams will be accompanied from the check-in directly to their changeover zones
All the relays are being done on TIMES - that means the fastest
3 teams out of all the heats in each age group will medal.
The in-field area must be kept clear at all times.   
  Event  Age Group  Birth year   Distance        
6.45pm 1 U/09 2009 Girls 4x100m        
  2 U/09 2009 Boys 4x100m        
  3 U/10 2008-2009 Girls 4x100m        
  4 U/10 2008-2009 Boys 4x100m        
  5 U/11 2007-2008 Girls 4x100m        
  6 U/11 2007-2008 Boys 4x100m        
  7 U/12 2006-2007 Girls 4x100m        
  8 U/12 2006-2007 Boys 4x100m        
  9 U/14 2004-2005 Girls 4x100m        
  10 U/14 2004-2005 Boys 4x100m        
  11 U/16 2002-2003 Girls 4x100m        
  12 U/16 2002-2003 Boys 4x100m        
  13 Junior    Ladies 4x100m        
  14 Junior    Men 4x100m        
  15 Senior   Ladies 4x100m        
  16 Senior   Men 4x100m        
  17 U/13 2005-2006 Girls 4x100m        
  18 U/13 2005-2006 Boys 4x100m        
  19 U/15 2003-2004 Girls 4x100m        
  20 U/15 2003-2004 Boys 4x100m        
  21 Sen  Medley Ladies 2x200,400,800        
  22 Sen  Medley Men 2x200,400,800        
Athletes may move up one age group only to compete, with the exception of U9 relays where only U9's may compete.    

Location information

Claremont Stadium

County Meath
Commons Road


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