Position U10 U12 U14 U16
1 Ratoath Ratoath Ratoath Ratoath
2 Ratoath Dunboyne Ratoath Dunboyne
3 Dunboyne Trim Ratoath Trim
4 Tara Bohermeen Navan Bohermeen
5 Bohermeen Dunshaughlin Dunshaughlin Ratoath
6 Dunshaughlin Ratoath Tara Navan
7 Ratoath Dunboyne Bohermeen & Cilles Cilles
8 Ratoath Tara Trim Bohermeen
9 Cilles Navan Dunshaughlin Tara
10 Bohermeen Ratoath Bohermeen  
11 Tara Dunshaughlin Navan  
12 Navan Tara    
13 Rathkenny Rathkenny    
14 Tara Navan    
15 Dunshaughlin Trim    
16 Dunshaughlin Bohermeen    
17   Cilles    
18   Dunshaughlin    
19   Ratoath    
20   Tara    



Position U10 U12 U14 U16
1 Tara Ratoath Ratoath Ratoath
2 Dunboyne Tara Bohermeen Tara
3 Trim & Ratoath Bohermeen Tara Tara
4 Bohermeen Dunboyne Cilles Dunshaughlin
5 Dunshaughlin Dunshaughlin Ratoath Dunshaughlin
6 Tara Trim Bohermeen Dunshaughlin
7 Navan Tara Navan  
8 Ratoath Ratoath Bohermeen  
9 Trim Trim    
10 Dunshaughlin Tara    
11 Tara Cilles    
12 Rathkenny Navan    
13 Tara Bohermeen    
14 Bohermeen Dunshaughlin    
15 Cilles Rathkenny    


Ratoath Grade A 1st
Trim Grade A 2nd
Bohermeen Grade A 3rd
Fr Murphys Grade A1 1st
Dunshaughlin Grade A1 2nd
Navan Grade A1 3rd
Dunshaughlin Grade B 1st
Bohermeen Grade B 2nd
Tara Grade B 3rd
Rathkenny Grade B1 1st
Dunshaughlin Grade B1 2nd
Tara Grade B1 3rd
Dunshaughlin Grade C 1st
Dunshaughlin Grade C 2nd
Tara Grade C 3rd
Cilles Grade C1 1st
Tara Grade C1 2nd

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