Letter to Clubs re 2017 Meath Track & Field Championships

Dear Club Secretary,

Please note the following information regarding the Meath Track and Field Championships 2017. 

    1. Entry forms and programmes are available on
    2. All athletes must be registered with both Athletics Ireland and Meath Athletics.
    3. Entry forms to be accompanied by the names of a minimum of three (3) officials nominated by your Club for each of the competition days. 
      1. Please include contact information for officials, as the office will be sending out information to them in advance of the Championships. 
      2. Nominated officials will have free admission to the Meath Championships day at which they are officiating but must be available for the duration of the complete day’s program of events. 
      3. Entries will only be processed for your Club on receipt of this information.
    4. U17 and U18 athletes compete as U18’s except in the U17 Girl’s hammer.
    5. U19 and U20 athletes compete as Juniors
    6. Championship Programme:
      1. Day 1 All hammer and weight for distance plus U18 and older discus in Fr Murphy AC Saturday 29th April.
      2. Day 2  Hurdles in Claremont Stadium on Saturday 6th May. 
      3. Day 3 all U 12-U18 track and field plus junior, senior and master javelin and shot in Claremont Stadium on Sunday 7th May.
      4. Day 4 Junior, seniors & masters championship in conjunction with Cavan in The Peace Link, Clones, Monaghan on Sunday 14th May. 
      5. Day 5 Relays in Claremont Stadium Wednesday 17th May.
      6. Day 6 U9-U11 championship in Claremont Stadium Wednesday 24th May.
    7. U9’s-U11’s can only compete in 2 events on any one day.
    8. U12’s –U15’s can only compete in 3 events on any one day.
    9. U16’s - U18’s can only compete in 4 events on any one day.
    10. In track competition an athlete competes in declared category in the case of junior, senior and master competition.
    11. In the event of age categories being amalgamated with the Senior event the best 3 performances will be deemed to receive the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place Senior medals respectively.
    12. All U13/U14/U15/U16 Javelin & Discus events and Junior, Senior & Masters Shot Putt start at 9.00am in Claremont Stadium.  Athletes need to check in before 9.00am.
    13. There shall be only 2 trials in the U9, 10 & 11 long jumps.
    14. Athletes are confined to events in their own age group, except for the relay where they may move up one age group. 
    15. Juvenile athletes may not move up an age group in order to compete in Under 9 competition
    16. Standards will apply in all field events.
    17. Athletes must be technically competent in the event they are attempting.  In the interest of the welfare and safety of the athletes, please do not enter them in events they are not familiar with.
    18. There will be no late entries accepted on the day of competition.  This rule will be strictly enforced on the day.  Late entries will incur double entry fee.
    19. The Juvenile programme may be altered at the discretion of the committee.
    20. Championship Entry Fees: Juveniles & Juniors €1 per event, Senior & Masters €2 per event.
    21. Closing Date for entries: Day 1 (Throws in Fr. Murphy AC) is Friday 29th April, Day 2 & Day 3 is Wednesday the 3rd May.
      1. Day 4 Junior, senior & master is Wednesday the 10th May.
      2. Day 5 (Relays) on the night.
      3. Day 6 U9-11s is Friday the 19th May.
    22. Gate Admission €5 adults, juveniles free.
    23. Venues:
      • Day 1 Fr. Murphy AC, Frayne starting at 10.00am 29th April.
      • Days 2 Claremont Stadium 6th May at 11.30am,
      • Day 3 Sunday 7th May at 9.00am field & 11.30am track,
      • Day 4 Clones Sports Arena, Monaghan Sunday 14th May at ?am (tbc),
      • Day 5 Relays 17th May at 6.45pm
      • Day 6 Wednesday 24th May at 7.00pm in Claremont Stadium.


  1. Health & Safety Rules require that only competing athletes and officials will be allowed inside the arena. 
  2. All athletes must leave the arena after their event.
  3. All monies due to the County Board must be paid before entries will be accepted for the T&F Championships.
  4. Appeals

    1. Any appeals, accompanied by a fee of €20.00 (refundable in the case of a successful appeal) must be submitted in writing within 20 minutes of the finish of the event to which they refer.  Only Officers of the Club(s) concerned may submit appeals.

    2. All appeals will be dealt with on the day.  The ruling of the Appeals Committee shall be final.
    3. The Appeals Committee shall, in the first instance, be composed of the County Chairman, the County Secretary and the County Competition Secretary
    4. In the case of a conflict of interest on any particular matter an alternate shall replace the conflicted member(s) for the determination of that issue.  The alternate(s) shall be either Graham Hyland (Cilles AC) or Brendan Meade (Star of the Sea AC), as appropriate. 
    5. In the event that any member/alternate of first instance is unavailable on the day of competition they may be substituted by the County Vice Chairman, the County Treasurer or the County Registrar, or such other county officers as are present on the day, as appropriate.


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