2016 Cross country League Standings

2016 Meath Cross country League Standings

Tara AC claim the 2016 Meath Juvenile Cross Country League Title

Another outstanding team performance from Tara AC on Day 3 of the League solidified there position at the top of the League taking Gold in the Grade A. Dunshaughlin had their largest haul of 296 points to secure second place and Bohermeen remained in the third spot their largest point pickings with 242pts.

Grade B saw Trim leapfrog Cilles with their largest haul of 241 points and into the top position with a total of 553pts. Cilles were consistent across the 3 days with 166pts on day 3 which wasn't enough to hold of the charge of the trims athletes and dropped into second place in the grade, Navan who jumped up from Gracde C on day 2 held firm onto 3rd place with another 166pts

Grade C saw no changes since Day 2 with ratoath scoring 118pts to secure the top spot, while Na Fianna held onto second place by a single point with a total of 273 with Fr Murphys scoring a total of 272 after their share of the spoils on day 3 was 95pts .

Grade D was won by St Andrews with 193 points in total , Star of the sea scored 20pts to secure 2nd place and Rathkenny held onto third to stay in the Grade, St Brigids held firm in Grade E.

Congrats to all of the clubs and athletes who made this league very successful and very exciting. Thanks to the members of the County Board and all involved who again organised a year of competition and development fixtures for the young upcoming athletes in the county.

Thanks to the people in Trim Ac for hosting the event, the warm welcome and the friendly atmosphere made the day very enjoyable for all.

Final League Results 2016

Grade Pos Club Day1 Day2 Day3 Total
A 1à Tara 258 417 305 980
A 2à Dunshaughlin 298 191 296 785
A 3à Bohermeen 191 221 242 654
B 1á Trim 153 159 241 553
B 2â Cilles 170 166 166 502
B 3à Navan 100 173 166 439
C 1à Ratoath 126 102 118 346
C 2à Na Fianna 129 124 20 273
C 3à Fr Murphys 146 31 95 272
D 1à St Andrews 76 56 61 193
D 2à Star of the Sea 98 - 20 118
D 3à Rathkenny 45 39 - 84
E 1à St Brigids 17 19 - 36






See below results after a successful Day 2 of the Meath Cross country league

There has been a few potential decisive changes to the league table after the trip to Na Fianna's Baconstown venue

Grade A sees Tara move up from second place with a massive haul of 417pts giving them a lead of nearly 200pts over Dunshaughlin who dropped to second with an impressive 191pts, Bohermeen remain 3rd in Grade A with a significant improvement on Day1 scores.

Grade B's lead is maintained by Cilles who picked up 166pts with Trim holding onto 2nd and with a big score of 173pts Navan climb into the Grade B 3rd spot

The Grade C number one spot is held by Hosts Na Fianna after collecting 124pts with Ratoath holding onto 2nd place with 102, a drop from Grade B see Fr Murphys take the 3rd place position.

Grade D sees St Andrews jump into 1st place with Star of the Sea slipping into second and Rathkenny maintaining the 3rd spot in the Grade

Grade E stays the same with St Brigids improving on the last time out and holding onto the number one spot.

Grade Pos Club Day1 Day2 Day3 Total
A 1á Tara 258 417   675
A 2â Dunshaughlin 298 191   489
A 3à Bohermeen 191 221   412
B 1à Cilles 170 166   336
B 2à Trim 153 159   312
B 3á Navan 100 173   273
C 1à Na Fianna 129 124   253
C 2à Ratoath 126 102   228
C 3â Fr Murphys 146 31   177
D 1á St Andrews 76 56   132
D 2â Star of the Sea 98 -   98
D 3à Rathkenny 45 39   84
E 1à St Brigids 17 19   36

There might be a few more changes after the Final Day3 which will be held in Trim's Porchesfield on Saturday 17th December in conjunction with the Meath Senior Cross Country Championships.

Looking forward to seeing you then



See below results after a successful Day 1 of the Meath Cross country league

After Day1 in the Grade A League Dunshaughlin have taken a 40pt lead over Tara with Bohermeen a further 67pts back.

Grade B is lead by Cilles with Trim only 17pts off and Fr Murphys only 7pts further back

Grade C is topped by Na Fianna with Rathoath a mere 3pts behind and Navan a further 26pts back

Grade D sees Star of the Sea leading with 98pts with St Andrews close behind on 76pts followed by Rathkenny on 45pts

Grade E Consists of St Bridgids on 17pts

Grade Pos Club Day1 Day2 Day3 Total
A 1 Dunshaughlin 298     298
  2 Tara 258     258
  3 Bohermeen 191     191
B 1 Cilles 170     170
  2 Trim 153     153
  3 Fr Murphys 146     146
C 1 Na Fianna 129     129
  2 Ratoath 126     126
  3 Navan 100     100
D 1 Star of the Sea 98     98
  2 St Andrews 76     76
  3 Rathkenny 45     45
E 1 St Brigids 17     17



Day 2 will be held on Sunday Dec 4th in hosted by Na Fianna AC on a fast flat course in Na Fianna GAA, Baconstown Co Meath with directions on the fixtures page

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