The annual Meath Road Relays will take place next Sunday 8th April at Bohermeen.

This year the ladies and men will be separate races.

All teams are made up of 4 runners in the following order –

Leg 1 = 800m
Leg 2 = 1 mile
Leg 3 = 1.5 miles
Leg 4 = 2 miles

Under 15 and 16’s can run legs 1 and 2 only.

Teams can enter on the morning to facilitate late changes.

The ladies are off at 10am with the men following once all the ladies teams are complete – estimate 10.40am.

There will be championship medals for the 1st 3 teams in Grade A,B & C – effectively the first 9 teams home.

Entry Fee - €10 per team.

All athletes must be fully registered with AAI and Meath Athletics.

Non Irish nationals who are registered with Meath athletic Clubs must have been resident continuously in the Republic Of Ireland for at least the last 6 months to be eligible to compete.


Important Traffiic En-route - The Ladies race will start at 10am. It is anticipated that the Mens race will start at 10:40.
However the road in to the venue is where thae race is held. It is strongly advised that both the Men and ladies arrive well before 10am to avoid congestion on the roads during the ladies race


Course Map



Final Results of the Interclub Cross Country league


Well done to all clubs that took part.  Congratulations to overall winners Tara A.C. Thanks to Trim, Navan Adventure Centre (Na Fianna) and Bohermeen who hosted the various rounds of the league.  Thanks also to all the officials who helped out on each of the days.




Day 1

Day 2

Day 3





































Na Fianna





Fr Murphys





St Brigids





St Andrews










Star of the Sea






Day 1 November 5th Porchesfields (Trim A.C.) Results

Day 2 December 3rd Navan Adventure Centre (Na Fianna) Results

Day 3 December 19th Bohermeen (Bohermeen A.C.) Results



Age Boys and Girls
U9 600m
U11 800m
U13 1000m
U15 2000m
U17 3000m
Adult 3000m

Notice in relation to the upcoming Leinster Championships

In addition to the Leinster Even age and Novice Championships on at 11:30am on Saturday 28th Oct in Navan Adventure Centre , @ Navan Racecourse

There will also be an U10s Girls race followed by U10 Boys race

These events are open only to registered AAI athletes

There is no entry fee , just show up on the line and run.



Dear Club Secretary,

Please note the following information regarding the Meath Track and Field Championships 2017. 

    1. Entry forms and programmes are available on
    2. All athletes must be registered with both Athletics Ireland and Meath Athletics.
    3. Entry forms to be accompanied by the names of a minimum of three (3) officials nominated by your Club for each

2017 Track & Field League Results

5 in a Row for Ratoath as they Win The 2017 Track & Field League

Congratulations to Ratoath AC who claimed the title for the fifth consecutive year

With a last day haul of 156pts Ratoath ensured that they would retain the title in 2017 with a massive 640 Avering 160pt a night. , Dunboynes Total score of 505 ensured that the charge from Cushinstown was held at arms length, it was a good attempt from Cushinstown to close the gap as they scored 134 on the night to finish the league on 486pts

Grade B had their own battle as Trim scored their highest amount of points in this years league of 126pts to close out the league and secure the Top Spot in the Grade with in 438pts. Cilles were the second highest scoring club on the night with their highest score to date in the league with 135pts not enough to close the gap on trim but the total score of 411 was enough to hold off Tara AC who earned themselves the 3rd spot in the league with their biggest haul in this years league of 105pts totalling 368.

Bohermeen Held their top spot in Grade C with 109pts totalling 360; only 8pts separated them from promotion to Grade B. Fr. Murphy's continued their surge from Day 3 with another 100+ pointer which was enough to overtake Dunshaughlin and claim 2nd. Dunshaughlin had a score of 48pts; a big drop from their first day out of 114, nonetheless the score was enough to retain the Grade C Status with a total of 275.

In Grade D St Brigids made an impressive attempt to take the first spot in the grade with a score  of 98pts, it was enough to overtake Duleek but short only 4pts from Rathkenny who took 1st place with 61 pts. Duleek finished 3rd in the grade with 38poimts giving them a total of 201.

No change to Grade E or F;  Na Fianna ensured they claimed 1st place with their greatest haul this year too of 83pts finishing on 188, Navan scored 38pts to finish with a total of 133pts. There was no change to St Andrews or Star of the Sea who maintained their positions from Day 3.

It is impressive to see that the last league night had no less than 8 Clubs score over 100pts which is fantastic, it shows that many clubs are committed to the league and are encouraging their athletes to participate.

On Behalf of the Meath County Board, Congratulation to all clubs  for participating in the league and ensuring its success. It is light competition where the aim is to encourage participation and provide a development opportunity for all athletes across the county from U9 to O90.

Special Thanks to the organisers who are first to arrive and last to leave, they do so much on the night and behind the scenes, thanks to all of the Officials who have given their time to help out during the year, the event simply could not continue without your help.

Yours in Sport,

Meath Athletics

Grade Club Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Total Score
A Ratoath 160 162 164 154 640
A Dunboyne 138 138 108 121 505
A Cushinstown 143 80 129 134 486
B Trim 89 119 104 126 438
B Cilles 101 88 87 135 411
B Tara 96 76 91 105 368
C Bohermeen 49 76 126 109 360
C Fr. Murphy 72 38 106 104 320
C Dunshaughlin 114 58 55 48 275
D Rathkenny 82 37 51 61 231
D St Brigids 0 57 72 98 227
D Duleek 54 69 41 37 201
E Na Fianna 44 32 29 83 188
E Navan 0 59 36 38 133
E St. Andrews 35 11 0 0 46
F Star of the Sea 11 0 0 0 11



No Change to the top of the League table coming in to the Final Day this Wednesday.

Ratoath with a clear lead of 102pts over Dunboyne with Cushinstown in third with 352pts. 

There was one change to Grade B

with Trim on top, Cilles Second and Tara moving into third place after making ground on Dunshaughlin.

In Grade C; Bohermeen moved into the top spot after their best point haul to date of 129. Dunshaughlin drooped from grade B into the second spot in Grade C while Fr. Murphys storm into Grade C with a haul of 106.

Grade D sees Rathkenny hold onto the lead , Duleek in second after dropping from Grade C and St Brigids moving into the Grade with a tally of 72pts in the last outing.

Na Fianna, Navan St Andrews and Star of the Sea make up the final placings on the table.

There is a lot of excitement building up for Wednesdays final day of the league.

Good luck to all athletes participating and remember to arrive early as we plan on starting at 7PM sharp.


Grade Club Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Total
A Ratoath 160 162 164   486
A Dunboyne 138 138 108   384
A Cushinstown 143 80 129   352
B Trim 89 119 104   312
B Cilles 101 88 87   276
B Tara 96 76 91   263
C Bohermeen 49 76 126   251
C Dunshaughlin 114 58 55   227
C FR. Murphy 72 38 106   216
D Rathkenny 82 37 51   170
D Duleek 54 69 41   164
D St Brigids 0 57 72   129
E Na Fianna 44 32 29   105
E Navan 0 59 36   95
E St Andrews 35 11 0   46
F Star of the Sea 11 0 0   11



Meath Athletics


Day 4 - Track and Field League 2017


Wednesday 21st June


Claremont Stadium Navan – 7pm






Track Time



Field Time

Event and Category


U10 Girls



Turbo Javelin


U10 Boys



U9   Girls & Boys


U12 Girls



U12 Girls & Boys


U12 Boys



J/S/M Ladies & Men


U13 Girls





U13 Boys








High Jump


U9 Girls



U11 Girls


U9 Boys



U11 Boys


U11 Girls





U11 Boys



Long Jump


J/S/M Ladies



U10 Girls & Boys


J/S/M Men



U16 Girls & Boys


U16 Girls





U16 Boys



Shot Putt


U14 Girls



U14 Girls


U14 Boys



U14 Boys


U15 Girls



U13 Girls


U15 Boys



U13 Boys


J/S/M Ladies



U15 Girls


J/S/M Men



U15 Boys


Note – Times are provisional only.



The League table as it stands after Day 2,  Ratoath retain the top Spot and extend their lead to 46 points, Dunboyne moved up a place into Seco

nd and Cushinstown dropped into third, all maintaining their position in grade A.

New into grade B are Trim who moved up from 1st place in Grade C Leapfrogging Tara, Cilles and Dunshaughlin. Cilles Hold onto the Second place position and Dunshaughlin drop for first into third.

New leaders in Grade C are Tara AC who dropped from third in Grade B. Bohermeen jump into the grade to hold second place and Duleek moved up into Grade C after a nice haul of points.

Grade D consists of Rathkenny, Fr Murphy and Na Fianna respectively. Grade E sees Navan and St Brigids enter the table in first and second with St Andrews third and Star of the Sea Leading Grade F

See the Day 3 Programme for Wednesday May 31st


Grade Club Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Total Score
A Ratoath 160 162     322
A Dunboyne 138 138     276
A Cushinstown 143 80     223
B Trim 89 119     208
B Cilles 101 88     189
B Dunshaughlin 114 58     172
C Tara 96 76     172
C Bohermeen 49 76     125
C Duleek 54 69     123
D Rathkenny 82 37     119
D Fr. Murphy 72 38     110
D Na Fianna 44 32     76
E Navan 0 59     59
E St Brigids 0 57     57
E St. Andrews 35 11     46
F Star of the Sea 11 0     11





After Day 1

Ratoath make a stand on the first day of the Track & Field League.

With Day1 completed and results finalised it was Ratoath AC who came out clear leaders over their neighbouring club Cushinstown 17pts back in 2nd. Dunboyne had a solid performance and came out in 3rd only 5pts further back to make up the Grade A standings.

In Grade B Dunshaughlin find themselves in the lead with 114pts ahead of Cilles AC on 101 who are followed by Tara AC who are only 5pts behind in the 3rd spot in Grade B

Grade C sees Trim in the lead with 89 points with Rathkenny on 82, Fr Murphy secured 3rd place in Grade C for the moment only 72pts adrift.

Duleek & District lead the field in a very closely contested Grade D with 54pts, Bohermeen in Second with 49 and a further 5pts back are Na Fianna on 44points.

St Andrews lead the way in Grade E with 35 points and Star of the Sea in 2nd on 11pts.

Day 1 was a great success, thanks to all of the athletes who came out to support your club and special thanks to Cushinstown AC for hosting the Event.

Current standings After Day 1

Grade Club Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Total Score
A Ratoath 160       160
A Cushinstown 143       143
A Dunboyne 138       138
B Dunshaughlin 114       114
B Cilles 101       101
B Tara 96       96
C Trim 89       89
C Rathkenny 82       82
C Fr. Murphy 72       72
D Duleek 54       54
D Bohermeen 49       49
D Na Fianna 44       44
E St. Andrews 35       35
E Star of the Sea 11       11

Day 2 will be held on Wednesday 19th in Claremont Stadium Navan. Directions and programme are on the website.



 Meath AAI

The death has occurred of Rita Brady (Navan AC). Rita’s involvement with athletics goes back nearly fifty years to 1969 and the De La Salle Athletic Club which was attached to the local school in the town where she competed as part of teams for road races. However her main involvement at the time was in administration – a task that she was still involved in at club and county level until her recent illness.

About Us

The Meath County Athletic Board is responsible for the delivery of athletics throughout County Meath. We are affiliated to the Athletic Association of Ireland - the National Governing Body of athletics.

© 2015 Meath County Athletic Board


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